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Our space

1 Studio

Inspiring studio space for hotdesking creatives

Our hotdesks come with a hub and monitor/s, superfast internet, air-conditioning and a roomful of productive, friendly creatives to bounce ideas off.

Take a break from your home office! Desks are available for a half day at £9 or £15 for a full day, 8:30 - 6. Call Jo for more details on 01926 691 289 or email

Tony G Eyes

Who is TonyG?

Tony G began working life in a photographic lab around the time Apple revolutionised graphic design. While designers swapped cut-and-paste for Photoshop, printing was still the smell of a darkroom and re-touching images by hand. For Tony, it was a lo-fi, expert training school in colour.

Clients soon found if you shared a production dilemma with Tony, he would sort it out. No matter if it went outside the boundaries of normal photographic production, he'd create the hanging system/metal/box/fabric finish/find a way to make the thing (insert brief here) work! Basically, Tony developed a reputation for a one-stop shop for expert production services.

Since 2003 Tony G has been TonyG Ltd - an ever-growing team doing things the Tony G way. A group of positive-minded, supportive people with that same collective pioneering spirit and can-do mentality.

Tony has earned the right for some partial retirement but is still a director. However, you're more likely to find him in the workshop than the board room, and failing that, a lone figure riding off into the Moroccan sunset
on two wheels.

Introducing the team

Beth Cox

Lead 3D Artist

Beth’s an artist with a range of tools, the most frequently used being digital. Her creations for clients are exquisitely detailed, beautiful in motion, and accurately constructed to a third of a whisper and the hair on a gnat’s leg. See Beth's art here.

Beth switches off at home with her menagerie, including a dog called Karma and a collection of rescue chickens that keep the office in eggs.

Craig Butler


Craig has racked up years of experience travelling around the world creating stands for exhibitions and there’s no carpentry task he can’t turn his hand to. As part of a professional team he’s like the climate on the Algarve, reliable, warm and invariably sunny.

Craig's also an accomplished ballroom dancer who could challenge that Bruno Tonioli chap to a Tango, any day of the week.

Heather Golding

Founding Director

If TonyG is a garden, Heather’s the one keeping it watered. She understands the nature of the plants and pays attention to the soil. Building and maintaining a thriving business is all about creating the right conditions.

If TonyG is a school, Heather hopes she’s helped make it a very cool one for adults, where everyone is continually learning and growing while they just happen to be creating beautiful and useful things for brands on the side.

Jacob Till

Senior Project Manager

Jacob’s background in Product Design ensures that everything from craft to logistics fits together perfectly. He’ll troubleshoot every scenario before pressing play and making it look as if everything just fell into place.

After he’s ticked of his tasks for the day, Jacob’s chill list is very long. He’ll wind down with a game of hockey, rack up some miles on his road bike, thrash a colleague at table tennis or crack open a craft beer.

Jacqueline Parsons

Finance Assisitant

Jackie’s background in automotive software engineering is the driving force behind her ability to get down to the real nuts and bolts of our finance department. She switches gears after work with long dog walks, badminton and bell ringing!

James Blackwell

Project Manager

James is a skilful and experienced 3D artist. He’s like the real-life hologram we’d have created for our team, if he didn’t happen to already exist. James focuses on digital projects, co-ordinating internal resources and locating niche specialisms as part of our perpetual evolution.

When he’s not becoming more powerful amassing experience points creating products for clients, he’s battling his way to victory in League of Legends.

James Short

Bench Joiner / Fitter

Since graduating from our local Moreton Morrell College, Shorty has built up almost 20 years of hands-on experience in joinery. He’s worked domestically as a cabinet maker fitting kitchens and bespoke furniture as well as working on retail fitouts and exhibition installations.

Shorty’s got a passion for longs walks with his dog Iris and vintage cars, in particular classic minis. Watch out for him on the Italian Job.

Jane Farrar

Senior Creative

Jane is the red-thread of our creative projects and our own visual branding. She has a diverse range of design and illustration styles in her fingertips and is a keen mentor as well as an accomplished artist in her own right. See Jane's art here.

Like a session musician, Jane’s ready to fit in with any brand’s existing style, play to an art director’s baton or get on down to some free jazz.

Jo Gittings

Office & Facilities Manager

Jo’s middle name should be Compliance. From HR to GDPR, she’s on it - no mean feat given our multi-disciplined business and the monolithic-like machines in the workshop and print production. She’s a multi-tasking list-lover and is perpetually up-to-date with safety and the what not to do’s with a long ladder and a big hammer.

Jo’s an allottmenteer in her spare time and can be relied on to bring in excellent jam, seasonal fruit and giant marrows.

Kamlesh Parekh

Graphic Production Co-ordinator

Kam’s background in typography and graphic design gives him the edge when it comes to coordinating our reprographics department. He manages the work flow like a traffic cop and monitors quality with a practiced eye, continually thinking of new creative ways to get the most out of print and vinyl whilst keeping wastage to a minimum.

He’s like a fish in water when it comes to his hobbies and enjoys swimming in the pool almost as much as he likes playing it, but as his other sport is Poker, you can’t actually tell.

Kristen Bradley

Finance Director

Kristen is the keeper of the coinage, good at looking after the pennies as well as not leaving the pounds look after themselves.

Offsetting her number crunching cranium are the nimble fingers of an accomplished seamstress. Like what she’s wearing? She probably made it herself. Creative accountancy of the right sort.

Matt Harris

Joinery Workshop Manager

Matt’s a seasoned manager, mentor and joiner with many years in both domestic and commercial fit-outs, ranging from luxury, handmade kitchens to exquisite, retail environments. Since joining us at TonyG, he has redesigned the workshop and created a woodworker’s wonderland. Order, music and laughter mix harmoniously with raging table saws and heavy-duty sanders.

Along with as his technical skills and experience, Matt is excellent at dining out, in fact he’d challenge anyone to enjoy this more than him.

Matt Jones

Creative Lead

20 years of working in design agencies for prestigious, multinational brands has equipped Matt with a portfolio as broad and varied as the billboards his artwork has featured on.

In his own words, he lives for design. Although he makes time to tune his guitar and one day, when all the designing's done, maybe he'll get up on stage and play in one of the gigs he currently enjoys from a balcony.

Rachel Gates

Project Manager Support

Rachel’s eclectic experience professionally makes her the ideal fit for the multiple skills required in her role at TonyG. The confidence she asserts comes from a background managing projects for local gyms and restaurants and hails back to the far flung reaches of Australia, where she worked as a manager in hospitality and tourism, including for a 4WD company which is where we think she honed her van driving prowess.

Rachel’s organisation skills extend to an allotment where she grows her own food (supplemented by the weekly shop) and a strict yoga routine that helps her look calm at least on the surface while she works and plays.

Richard Golding

Senior Project Manager

Rich’s long history in production keeps his phone ringing and people tapping into his expertise. His considerate approach to managing large teams of installers, liaising with clients and overseeing complex installations has given him the reputation of a gentleman in the trade.

Nothing phases Richard except litter bugs and bad parking!

Rich Hegan

Senior Project Manager

Rich’s background in Graphic Comms and a driven, goal-focused attitude to delivering brilliant solutions has resulted in valuable partnerships with our agency and retail clients. He’s a sustainability champion, leading our business and our clients towards a better carbon footprint.

After hours, Rich’s own footprints leave stud-marks. Whether he’s on or off the pitch, his striker’s instincts mean he’s consistently well-placed to score the goals.

Ross Ledger

Lead IT Support

With a career worthy of its own novel, our resident one-man IT crowd is a plate-spinner extraordinaire. Ross somehow balances raising a young family whilst managing our range of support needs, from ‘what happens when I press this?’ questions to creating the networking strength required to power our emerging tech demands.

Rhyan Leigh

Finance Assisitant

Rhyan's previous work in the finance department of a flooring company has laid a good foundation for her role at TonyG. She keeps a record of how we spend money on a day-to-day basis so unfortunately no one gets to go wild with their company credit card on her watch.

Out side of work she's a DIY enthusiast and has enjoyed learning new making skills and turning her house around. If she wasn't so good at maths, she'd be going for a job in our workshop.

Steffan Lovesay-Bonham

Project Manager

Steffan has worked as a design consultant and project manager on kitchen installations and for retail, making use of his degree in product design (which has also given him a taste for expensive watches and nice cars).

He gets his kicks on zip wires and high ropes and enjoys golf and squash when he’s got his feet on firm ground.

Stephen Morrey

Cabinet Maker

Steve is an experienced joiner and craftsman, at least as passionate about his work as he is about film and music. Yin to Matt’s Yang, they came to TonyG as a pair and have the perfect complementary talents and aptitudes to ensure our workshop output is creative, efficient and exceeds expectations.

If Steve had a theme-tune it would be the Godfather. Legendary, mostly serious with occasional bombastic moments of joy.

Tobie Calvert

Graphic Designer

Graphic design is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to categorising Tobie’s input at TonyG. He works across the whole business, honing his skills on the application of design in print, on wood, and on walls as well as everything from video production to publishing.

Tobie’s agreeableness and curiosity are legendary, meaning his most frequently used word is ‘sure’, with and without a question mark.

Tom Maffey

Co-Owner Director

Tom handles multi-layered projects that straddle digital and physical environments as well as being part of our leadership team. He’s a bit like Tony himself but with a knowledge base that includes Hololens and Unity as much as print and joinery.

His passion for combining innovation with motorsport may well lead us to the first hologram vehicle you can actually drive to work in.

Tom McGuire

Co-Owner Director

Tom has a wealth of experience managing projects and finding creative, practical solutions for our brands that exceed expectations. His invaluable knowledge of how things can be made and installed, comes from many years of working with our clients, managing processes, suppliers and timelines.

In the studio Tom is our brand guardian and head of the brand police. His hat only slips when he brings in his two Border Terriers and they run rings around him.

Tony Golding


Tony is a maker and a do-er whose reputation for colour management and spirit for never giving a problem back to a client is the foundation of who we are today.

Tony still gets involved in company decisions, but these days he’s more interested in working on sustainable tourism in Morocco and preserving wildlife in England. And in how CCFC are faring of course. . .

We have been working with Tony G for a number of years on a variety of events, window displays and retail solutions. The attention to detail, problem solving and excellence of delivery they provide is superb, combined with amazing customer service. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Emily Axten, Brand Director, G.F Smith

With a positive, ‘can do’ attitude and great attention to detail, Rich and the team have always pushed to make our signage concepts reality for our Summer and Harvest festivals. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend such a professional and reliable team.

Mia Porter-Williams, Lead Designer, Daylesford Organic Farm

Tony G is a great company to work with – no matter what the project may be they are willing to go above and beyond providing endless options to help achieve exactly what you require, are always very efficient and consistently provide work of the highest quality!

Megan Meer, Store Development, ECI & Project Coordinator, Hackett London

There’s an air of anticipation and excitement around anything that Tony G produce for us – we know it will be far past where our thoughts had taken us, it will amaze and delight us and, critically, it will amaze and delight our clients.

Chris Preston, Co-Founder, the Culture Builders

I have worked extensively on many different projects for more years than I care to remember with Tony G, from massive branding exercises to birthday rockets (great fun!) and have always loved their infectious enthusiasm and ability to ‘get things done’ under pressure, to a high standard.

Neil Bugler, Head of Global Partnerships & Events, Bremont

Tony G are an absolute pleasure to work with, the quality of the work that they supply from a design brief right through to the final product is always exceptional and to the highest standard and finish.

Their project management is super-efficient and highly detailed, using their expertise to highlight potential pitfalls which we may not foresee.

The team maintain a 100% professional service, however they are full of energy and ensure a light atmosphere in times of stress. No last minute request seems too challenging or too unachievable for them, they continuously find a way to ensure projects and one-off requirements are turned around in minimal time & to the brief.

Chloe Stewart-Nell and Daisy Lambourne, Creative Services, Ralph Lauren