In recent years, we’ve been feeling increasingly uncomfortable about the industry issues developing around us: overproduction, dependency on single-use, unrealistic turnaround times, all resulting in waste, waste and more waste. Never has there been a better moment to stop and reflect on how to do things better.

We’re a company of creative thinkers and we had to challenge ourselves: what point is there in being creative if we don’t set our minds to the most challenging of questions? What are the meaningful things that we can do that stop the damage, redress the balance and generate something better with our collective expertise?

Our reputation at TonyG has been built on producing quality designs combined with expert service. But we have also developed a reputation for super-fast turnarounds – something we know makes reducing carbon footprint near to impossible.

Slowing down is just one part of a continually evolving assessment of who we are and what we do. We’re on a journey to transform ourselves into a better business: making huge shifts towards a circular economic model that prioritises conscious production and the sustainable use of resources.

Aiming for the same high standards and appreciation of design excellence we’ve maintained since 2003, our focus will be on switching to products, materials and production methods that are as low to carbon neutral as it’s possible to be.

Working with TonyG you will be sharing our values and principles. We will keep you in the loop with our successes and our challenges, and through our learning, help shape your business too. Stay tuned.